hello everyone

I stand here in front of laptop for over an hourI suppose I should write something. But first of all I would like to thank those who have written to me in all this time I missed here. Remember Edgar Allan Poe’s quote, huh? “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.Well, I think the same thing happens to me, more or less… Horrible, horrible sanity…

After a horrible summer warmth, some struggle and now a winter without snow, which seems more horrible than a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, here I am with plans and new ideas (oh but when, when I had no ideas?). I concluded that I like macabre more than ever, and probably my artwork will turn into something very macabre (in the end, I think this is also a way to progress, right? any artist is trying to express himself through his art and of course each one of us has his personality and his way of seeing the world or feeling the things, so, of course I also have this right, especially because I prefer to say what I feel through my art … I really do not feel like talking too much. So, I think this is the best way to express myself. I got over the desire to talk, and the “300 words per minute” were reduced to zero, lol. Also, my super-powers has taken by my doctor, duuuh. )


I live in the same place as last year, this country where common sense is not really common –  as you know common sense is now an endangered species, lol…  and it is not a gift anymore, it is a punishment because you have to deal with everyone who doesn’t have it , where people smoke the cigarette and throw the rest of the street, where you are pushed and stepped on your foot in the bus –  btw, I believe this some kind of national sport, where it will be a power cut on Christmas Eve without any kind of warning and no explanation, where you go to the doctor and he/she do not look at you because you do not have health card –  btw, in all Europe, they removed the card from the health care system because it does not work, but  here they introduced it, in a country where you’re an atheist and for  Christmas you receive religious gifts – that was a tough one, a country where … who told these people to be themselves gave them the worst advice, a country where … if someone sees two girls kissing on the street, he’ll talk about it at least a week – as it would be the last discovery in science fiction, a country where you are told to go to church if you want to heal depression- no comment here, I am still speechless, a country where you go to the doctor and say I do not want that damn stupid Seroquel anymore, it constipate me”and she tells you to eat pears instead of looking for a solution, to go on? I think tomorrow for sure, I no longer have time now…


The idea was.. I guess I am back.


update: I just realized that this entry without picture looks bad, so I will put a old winter picture


the picture belongs to the “visual poetry” project  and can be found in the book with the same name




12 thoughts on “hello everyone

  1. This season is always crap to get through and I totally understand about the seroquel. I say just do your art however you want. It will help. I was thinking about you. Glad to see you back around.

  2. Great photo, and a beautiful way to bring in the New Year, even with all the chaos around… Hope that the you will get into the flow of all the talent you have and make it something special. Take care ~

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