el golfo


South of the former fishing village of El Golfo is one of the most famous sights of the island of Lanzarote. It is partly in the sea sunken crater of the volcano Montaña del Golfo, which has a lagoon formed, which lies about 50 meters from the coast. distinctive green color of the lagoon caused by unicellular algae that have adapted to high salinity of the lake. through underground connections to the sea, sea water flows to the lagoon and ensures permanent bonding. This balance of nature is disturbed in recent years for unknown reasons. the green lagoon closed off now evaporates more and now owns only a fraction of their original size. the name of the crater lake, Charco de los Clicos comes from a kind of edible seafood, the Clicos that frequently occurred earlier in this place.



The volcanic crater is a rare example of Hydrovulkanismus, which occurs mostly on the coast. At the meeting of magma and water is formed by a phreatomagmatic explosion of a tuff ring as can be seen here. Especially good to see the crater of the village located on the south side of the viewing platform. The open semicircle of the crater is also an open to the sea bay with black lava sand are found in the olivine, a mineral derived from the mantle, the gemstones are also produced.


Lanzarote is pure geology, submarines scenerys and moonlike landscape, transparent water, thirsty earth, with oasis of palm trees coexisting in harmony with both, man and nature. Lanzarote offers a landscape to enjoy all year round, sunny days, delicious beaches, beautiful and exotic volcanic valleys. To arrive on Lanzarote, means to have chosen a privileged destination.


and here is the map for who wanna see this place:


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4 thoughts on “el golfo

  1. Interesting rock colors…the people give good scale to this interesting piece of land…lava hitting ocean has always fascinated me…the ongoing battle between land and ocean.

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