The presence of persistent

The water droplets touch my skin and begin to seep down slightly giving me a pleasant feeling of warmth …. he slowly slide his hands over my body touching my breasts and thighs … I slowly close my eyes and I feel his lips on my neck, I want to kiss him but he tease me, it makes me want him even more. And his lips on my body leaves me feeling that he wants to collect all the water drops ….. he leans slowly toward my belly …..

M!!! wake up!! It’s eight o’clock already and you’re late for work! Uffff …. … I open my eyes and get up on the bed easily, annoyed by the phone alarm that sounds somewhat like the world is ending in 5 minutes. I gaze up at the window and I remain deep in my thoughts, I try to gather and to figure out what to do but I remain still thinking about it …. Make an effort M.

“…. oh …. you have to take a shower and drink some coffee to wake up…”

I get up slowly with small steps and head to the bathroom …. I heard in mind his words ” we will be fine, you’ll see, we should have a little bit of  patience, a little bit  longer ….” The water is flowing in the shower and I realize that I move in virtue of inertia. I let my nightgown to slide down the floor and look in the mirror … studying my body, I remember his warm hands as if trying to cover every inch of my skin …. I sit on the edge of the bathtub and water sound makes me think to the other day when he was there holding my hand and led me to the bathroom … it all comes back to my mind as a short film.

oh, the phone rings …” Good morning Madame photographer! Did you sleep well? I did not sleep very well …..”

Yes, I can say the same thing, only just that I had his pillow next to me and I enjoyed his perfume all night long. It gave me the feeling that he was  with me .. a tear slowly slide on my cheek but I quickly erase it, as I would not want anyone to see. Again under the water, water that yesterday enshrouded my body with its warmth. Baby, where are you? I remember how we understand, only with the eyes, and there was no need for any of us to say something … I remain inert under the water that does not stop to touch my skin,  I close my eyes and I imagine that he is kissing every inch of skin …. I think … oh! sometimes think too much! M it is  late! Wake up!!!

I dress myself and I still take again a look in the bedroom, the coffee is hot and I have to wait, I remain with the eyes fixed to the bed … I think I am dreaming …from somewhere comes to me his fragrance, no, no … I think is impossible …. ohh, yes! his pillow. I sit on the bed and breathe once again the air filled with that fragrance …. ufff … your … uh, a message …..” I would like to hide myself in the deep sea of your eyes, to wet your lips with mine, to feel your breath when our bodies grips, to open your eyes with my heartbeat and to whisper you -I love you!”

I am overwhelmed, I go out on the balcony and I lit a cigarette …. I feel cold. Baby, I miss you so much! Yes you have to resist M , there is just a little bit … I waited so long …. That sucks , I am thinking, to drink your coffee alone..

I love you so much… but, wait, can you compare it? Can you love someone more or less? Or you just love and that´s it?



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