why not? If I could even try…

It seems to me so strange that we have so much time to hate, when life is but a drop between now and then … and it is incomprehensible that we not pick flowers anymore, that we are not looking at the sky more often, that we are not loving anymore… we, human beings,which we die so often and so quickly.

To seek for you, I could at least to try… but my soul it´s lonely and crazy, flickering in the chaos of this universe.  In my mind, I see you, touch you, feel you and I love you. I became a ghost looking for you, or maybe just because I was waiting too long in a cold desert, trying to link every step of yours that make my shadow disappears … I cry, I despair and it hurt so much…

Where are you going and from who you try to run away? I’m tired and I am trembling at your shadow in my dreams… I don´t know you, I am not speaking with you, but I love you. You run away from me and … and you play and you hide yourself. Therefore  you remain a shadow in a cold desert, that will not cross without you, without me, without us … us. If there could be you, or me, or us… but it’s just me and the cold desert.  I hear you, feel you and I love you, you sweet and bitter shadow…

May I look for you? If I could even try…

If we were water drops, we would not need tears… If we were words, we would not need confessions… But we are humans and we need love … Who am I? … The soulless? The naive? My soul is made by sand, and the sea it´s my anguish and my love. I have some kind of luck with your shadow, which plugs me, and I don´t see anymore the heart who actually cries over the holes of my soul, holes which they cry in their thirst for the sun. The sun of the cold desert… your sun. Have mercy on me, a wandering child quarreled with fairies, a child who´s in his rush through unknown lands. A wicked child without soul.

What I want? You want things and wonder why. Me, I want things that never existed and say why not? I want you, with your caresses that hurts me, I want the unknown before the time, I want girl who is hiding there, inside, to look at the world with infinite and round astonishment.

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