cleaning of the soul

Sad is a chance to learn about the self, when the soul opens its windows and doors. After the storms the sunshine returns, and crying is much the same, so let it out, let it out. Crying is a cleaning of the soul, a rebounding with the vulnerable self, a chance to realize what suffering and pain are for you… for others…

Be an emotional person, please, it is part of how you are biologically “wired.” it is part of being a functional and well adjusted person. In those salty trickles is who you are – one who feels.

To feel deep emotion is an open door, one ready to let any wanderer meet you as you truly are. Emotions are what make us human, to be an emotional person thus is to embrace your humanity.

… … …

image © Margó Wiessman, part of Visual Poetry project

dandelion after the rain-macro, taken in my garden, years ago

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