happy details


Because we are on 1st March, sign that the spring is close, I was thinking to post some happy details from the garden of my mom. (I miss so much this house and the garden…). Nothing special, just a few macro and close up pictures I´ve taken in the past. I love the dandelions after the rain, they are looking like awesome. And the grass early in the morning, full of dew drops… I am not necessary a macro photography fan, but sometimes I like to play. (I know Steven might like these pictures) Happy springtime everyone!!!







DSC_0001 (4)



All photos on this post are copyrighted material and all rights are reserved Margò Wiessman, 2013

3 thoughts on “happy details

  1. For someone who is not into marcro photography…these are pretty xxxxxxx awesome White Spark. Glad you are thinking happy thoughts combined with happy pictures.

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