minimal landscape

Why so many people love landscape photography? maybe this is not so hard to find an answer but… Ever wonder why everyone is standing there taking the same exact photo that maybe tens of hundreds of thousands of photographers have taken before? I like landscape, but for this reason, in the last time I am searching places I never saw before in pictures…  and because less is more and simple is beautiful I´ve started to photograph some kinda minimal landscapes … I was in need of smth a little bit different…  and here you can see a few examples… I love the sky also and I am trying to catch the clouds as much as possible, this gives to the image some kind of personality…  maybe for you seems almost the same image in all pictures here, but in fact , there are millions of landscapes created every day.









all images are taken in Alsace, France and all rights reserved Margò Wiessman, 2009


I cannot end this post without a winter picture.. 😀 (taken in Germany)

13 thoughts on “minimal landscape

  1. 6 stands out by far. it is followed by 2 and 5 and that’s my order of preference.
    of course are millions of photos taken everyday, of course the majority of them were already taken by somebody else but if you think like this, you will never be able to take a good photograph. the idea is to see things like a group of painters (let’s say) – all of them are sitting in front of their blank canvas but are looking at the same subject. ask them to start painting and the results will never be the same, the results might look alike but never the same. same is happening with photography except at a larger scale. another thing that might help thinking positive is … pride. that pride, that inside voice that tells you “i took this photo and not the famous photographer x from the other side of the planet”. there is one thing that i like – you know what you want, you want minimalistic landscape. ok. now don’t stop and go photograph minimalistic landscape, you had a very good start. learn from others, learn from what you see around but go and do your own thing, i think you’re doing a great job. one think to keep in mind: minimalistic photo is all about the angle from where you take it.
    all the best!

    1. here is not about pride.. it is all about creativity , anyway to answer you will take me all entire day writing here. I dont want to take pictures to challenge the people who think they are photographers just because they have an instagram account, , I dont like competition… I just challenge my creativity. that is all 🙂
      thank you for your comment. too kind.

    2. In my point of view, the photographers are not painters at all. Many pics are close to paintings ( many people tell that mines are looking like) but the creative process is quite different. Photo has two unavoidable features. It is immediate and is tied to a moment of what we call reality. Immediate means that is nothing in the middle. Be attracted for a moment, and turn it into an image, is something so intuitive, sometimes not even consciously pose. It just happens. Who thinks that detracts, beauty or efficacy, may not have understood its wonderful possibilities. In any case, a painter discovers a time and a place, reinterprets it in your head and feel it in your heart to later translate it into a canvas. A photographer does not capture the elements, captures the moment. That moment when we are inspired. We do not look at the same things, but we are in the same place at the same time, because each time we get there in different states. There are different angles, but different people. Different souls. And unlike the paint that is immediate transfer of emotions. You can change the photo later. It is lawful and beautiful if you do it with mastery. But your pictures are inextricably linked to who you were at that very moment you press the shutter. Pride is not a good friend in any art. We just believe that we have something to tell and we need to. Photography was always a window to the world, and a reflection from who we are. Nothing more. Nothing less. Never mind that millions doing similar things. That moment at the snowed field is ours alone. And can only be understood from the loneliness of someone who has been in a similar situation. Overwhelmed by the purity of the light beam. A ray of light that you can not paint again. A ray of light you have to grasp at that moment, but then get rid of it. There are not minimalistic landscapes. It’s the minimal caress from a winter hosted in our hearts. Things we learned alone although we saw them in the work of the others. Life, and its stories has no angles, only have dangerous and minimal curves.

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