Random facts

I always carry a little crazy with me, you never know when you need it. 

  • I think I’m the only person happy at work on Monday. That is why the Manic Monday song  for me has another meaning, ahahahahaha. 
  • Speaking about songs, I am still a HUGE Depeche Mode fan and I do love the electronic and minimal music, but there is nothing excluded that someday to see me listening to something like that or like that . (take care!! It has explicit lyrics) ahahahahahaha… 

-What do you mean you’re tired—I had only 3 orgasms!

-I  know the names of at least 20 antidepressants and 10 mood stabilizers.

-Last night I understood the secrets to the universe and this morning I am contemplating whether the jam goes on top of the butter or under it. (btw, I am sitting on this chair or the chair is sitting under me??)

-I’m 50 shades of bipolar and have no ‘safe word’.  You have been warned.

-I’m pretty sure they call it PMS because that’s way easier to say than estrogen produced, manic depressive bipolar disorder prone to psychopathic rage.

-I have 2 moods: sleep it is for the weak and sleeping for a week.

I have a lots of great personality traits. My doctor call them symptoms.

-If you cant handle me at my worst, then I completely understand. Because I cant either.

-It is rude to interrupt my anxiety attack with your stupid positive thoughts.

-The chains on my mood swing just snapped. RUN!!

Telling me to calm down works about as well as baptizing a cat.

-Sometimes I want to delete my post because I am not anymore the person I was 5 minutes ago.

-Why cant people appreciate how much work I put into NOT becoming a serial killer???

Shine on you bat-shit crazy diamond!!! :)))))

-Pfffff, another day of outward smiles and inner screams.



– Just been told by the doctor that I am a large arctic bear with a sexual attraction to males and females. Thank fuck for that, I thought she was going to say I was a manic-depressive.

If you are happy and you know it, than you are on the wrong fucking train!!

– I know how it is to be afraid of your own mind.

  • If it is not black, it is white and there is no chance to be grey or other colour.

Atelphobia: the fear of not being good enough.

– If you dont like my current mood, dont worry, wait a few minutes , it will change.

– I have moments when I seem stable, but then so does  the nitroglycerin.

– You cant fix crazy, all you can do is document it.

  • Oh but darling.. we’re all insane
  • My imaginary friend thinks you have serious mental problems
  • The nicest antisocial thing on the planet are the headphones and they are not illegal yet.
  • Is being stupid a profession or are some people just gifted?
  • My silence doesn’t mean I agree with you.. it’s just that the level of your ignorance has rendered me speechles.
  • I dont remember what I wanted to say….

– Yes, I am crying, No, I DONT KNOW WHY!

  • Wait, no!! It is a beautiful day, I think I will skip my meds and stir things up a lil bit.





2 thoughts on “Random facts”

  1. Quite the list, but ignoring it for a minute, the thought process diagram – yeah, that seems to be it most of the time, which is part of knowing the secrets of the universe when I go to bed to not being able to figure out a sandwich the next morning.

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