The way you speak to yourself matters

The stress you get from the social media, from anything around you, all bad news on the television, at work, sometimes is a bit like too much. It slows things down, stops you from being able to do what you need to do. Stops you from being you. When you learn how to empty your mind it’s like going back up to full processing speed. So, though we call it mindfulness, it’s really mind-emptiness, or mind-calmness. That’s when you get to be in control and reach your full potential. Those things that make you afraid and distracted, those people who push racism, sexism or hate or fear in any other form, the “machismo”, that’s the virus. Mindfulness is the cure.
Imagine a sky with clouds, basically, you look at the clouds as they come and go, but you, sit still there, being aware of it. Imagine each worrisome idea as a bird singing upon a nearby branch. It came of its own accord and it will leave of its own accord. You hear its song, yet just as a song played on the radio, there is nothing for you to do. Relax and it will pass. The more you do this, the quieter those ideas will become and the less often they visit.
I recently started some courses (if I may call them that) about mindfulness and awareness. The person who explains everything and helps you to get to the point where you are aware of everything you are, and everything that happens to you, or rather, how to fix everything that is wrong with you, is no one else than Mr. Cortland Dahl. A research scientist in the center for Healthy Minds. I have to admit that I searched for a long time until I found someone who would show me that he had something interesting to say. Let’s say I have enough life experience and have known enough charlatans in my life. Not everything that flies can be eaten in the end.
How does this course help me? It’s about exploring the interface between my body, mind and brain, and especially how various forms of meditation may help me to cultivate positive qualities like mindfulness, compassion and resilience.
I have to admit that it helps me a lot. I learned a lot of things, which, even though I was aware of them in one way or another, I never wanted to admit it. Or rather, I didn’t have space and neither did time (ok, that’s not an excuse, I’d better say the atmosphere wasn’t the right one).
All we ever have is THIS moment and all we can control is ourselves. In this is the power to change ourselves. What stories do we choose to recall? The best ones, the ones that give you strength and hope? In each moment there are choices for both positive and negative thoughts and deeds. The good news is that the more we make the harder yet better choice, the better we get at making good choices. It’s similar to getting fit, the more we practice, the fitter we get and the easier it becomes. And in this personal transformation the best version of you will be born, the person you were always destined to be.
I will return to this subject, because I find it extremely interesting and at the same time it is like a kind of indirect confession. I’ve never been that person who puts her soul on the tray for everyone, and honestly, if I think about it, no one really knows me. Not even the family. I always thought that the less you say, the more you will be valued. And in the end, I think a meaningful silence is better than meaningless words. That’s why I don’t like to talk too much, even if the irony is that I’m actually a very sociable person. But I think it’s one thing to talk and another to really say something.

P.S: self awareness develops empathy, that is how humanity should devolve.

(the image belongs to an older project, conceived when I lived in Germany, it already seems like an eternity…)

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6 thoughts on “The way you speak to yourself matters

  1. A lot of truth in this post, and makes me think such courses of mindfulness would help the world quite a bit these days. The incessant din of tweets, rings, and beeps have become too much of a part of who we are… social media and media in general removes us out of ‘ourselves.’

    1. Hello there and thank you for your visit. Yes indeed, meditation can improve our self-awareness, allowing us to regulate our emotions and manage our stress. So yes, at the end helps us to be positive, you are totally right. 🙂

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