Music is the translation of my soul.


There are times it feels as if the music is teaching my brain how to flow, how to be so peaceful. It’s as if the slowly changing tone touches different parts, a sort of auditory massage for my mind. It is an invitation for slowness and to feel the presence of myself, the ever patient version of me who waits to be spoken to, and is content to do so. There are times light, wind and nature do the same, yet differently, each in their own way. Today is a day of music, to feel the soul within.
Music fills the air without effort, like the waves filling holes in beach sand; Some react to the beat, others continue in chatter, but always it speaks to them in some manner. A lively tempo can lift them, elevate the spirit, or move them to dance, whilst a slow one can relax the mood. Before the notes filled the air every person is an island, with it they all feel the same tidal flows and the beginnings of togetherness feels warm.
Music is my genesis and is my forever destination.
These musical vibrations synchronize the polarity of my soul matter, no more the lost, yet the found, attracted to the sound.

I could not live without music and I can not imagine what life would be like without music.

image from the Letters project

PS: speaking about music

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