Let’s talk about hope. A desire for things to change for the better, some would say…
Hope is not the same as optimism. Even most pessimistic person you ever met can still be hopeful about something.
Hope is the most badass thing around.
Hope is in the way you smile, in the way you are quiet when you reach out with your eyes in the first hour of morning. It when you pause, gathering strength to make a better choice, to breathe and let love have a moment to guide you. Hope is in that soft shrug of yours, the playfulness that lets people know you actually believe in yourself after all. It’s in the way you walk, more confident than before, holding your head a little higher. Every time you reach for the sun, you are part of the hope for us all, a precious part of life on Earth.
The cosmos is right there within you, reaching into your consciousness, to find it all you need to do is reach back and remain flexible enough to have your notion of reality edited.
To have hope it is always a good thing. Whoever says that he does not have illusions so as not to be disappointed then, is right and I agree with them … But, somewhere in our depths we still have a hope that things will be as we wanted. Everyone “suffers” from it. And don’t tell me I’m wrong. Because this is the human condition, you have to believe in something. So what do you do? You have a small hope, even if you don’t realize it. Having hope links your past and present to the future. You have a vision for what you hope will happen. Whether it does not, just envisioning it can make you feel better.

PS: Feeling empty it is not a bad thing at all, is the invitation to refill your soul with whatever brings you joy and a sense of purpose.

image © Margó Wiessman, part of “metaphorphosis” project.

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