Sunny vibes

And look at me, wandering through the south of Romania, trying to capture everything that catches my eye.

Sun rays illuminate heaven-bound highways for the lightest of feet to travel, they will show every flaw.

I am in a great mood, like a writer who could paint words that are fine wine and soft music; words that contain more healing medicine than all the drugs created by man. They are clear water over rocks, a shelter in any storm. They are food for the soul of every flower of the light. My good mood isn’t bright sun, yet the kind of rays that awaken the colours of the day at dawn. It’s a soft happy vibe, gentle and steady.

The sun streams in like an important guest to the party, not waiting for an invitation. I must admit something, EVEN as a photographer, I never liked summer, nor the extremely sunny days nor the heat. I’ve always been a winter girl.  But even so, that doesn’t mean I can’t take advantage of a sunny day to fill my soul with good vibes, sunny vibes.

Picture © Margó Wiessman, please do not copy or use in any way. Many thanks!

And… Remember :All we have now can be taken in a moment, so, we only have this: NOW. Take advantage of the NOW and live it to the fullest. 🌞

2 thoughts on “Sunny vibes

  1. I use shallow depth in my macro work all the time, never think to use it for a landscape. Wonderful field of sunflowers. Enjoy the sunny vibes.

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