Growing despite all the difficulties

I´ve decided to give to this blog another chance, and here I am, trying to write something after so much absence.

I don’t know how many of those I knew are still here, but I will try to bring this blog to life with the thought that anything and anyone deserves another chance.

Those who know me, and know my work, will perhaps wonder why I chose this photo, which apparently does not mean so much. A little flower in the snow. A poem in a cold day I would say…

Well, that’s exactly the idea, because today, I’m going to tell you about things that, despite all the difficulties, are trying to grow, even if at some point everything seemed impossible.

Look at this photo. What do you see? Well … a little flower more dead than alive in the snow, some would say. But it’s not like that at all. This flower comes from a seed, a seed that, despite the cold, struggled to grow and produce something. A seed it´s a promise of new life. Each seed has the potential to become a strong new plant.

To the tiny seed there is no bounty as great as a bead of rain in the springtime. They neither asks for nor receives due thanks, simply moves on. And so the potential of the seed begins the very journey of life, to germinate, to put down roots and send upward a new life.

Either they stay small, existing yet not growing, or they have the courage to burst through the boundaries of the only self they’ve ever been.

And, exactly here I want to get. Growing up.

Growing up is a thing you do all your life, for each stage of living presents its own challenges to overcome. As you do so, you become a anchor, until one day when you will be able to emotionally shelter another person.

Of course, on the way you make mistakes that can sometimes be fixed, sometimes not. They say we exchange beauty for wisdom as we age. And I think that’s exactly where I am.

In my weakness I found my strength. All along I was turning outward, expressing love to the world in the hope of some coming back. I offered my soul like a brilliant white light, a force to heal an ailing world of cynicism. Yet what they saw was my wounded side and pushed me further away. And I was confused. Now I understand, that to care about  and love someone, I must be strong in myself, love myself. I am strong because love is strength.

Strength is a thing you build slowly with good choices, by choosing to do the things  when it is the right time to do them. So keep going, you can build yourself. Consistency is your friend. Imagine a beautiful garden (that’s future you), then imagine you are going to construct it with a bucket of little seeds per day. That’s the secret.

Living as a creative is a challenging process. You have discovered the secret of real alchemy and the universe will treasure you. All I can do is use these words to encourage myself to gain in strength, to travel over frontiers others cannot neither detect nor believe in. Empathy and creativity are twins born of love, they are an intelligence that brings a steady healing of the self and others.

This Universe, send me a little seed. This little seed  started to transform my emotions into a healthy perspective.

That’s all I had to say today. Until next time I want you to remember one important thing which I have learned, on the hardest path: leadership without dominance, it is something priceless in every sense.

photo © me

2 thoughts on “Growing despite all the difficulties

  1. I’m a photographer. A good photo is a balance between the shadow and the light. You have to appreciate both. I’ve recently discover a different creative spark once buried. My journey is changing. I look forward to seeing yours.

    1. Hi Mike , thank you for visit and comment. Reading your comment , I just thought of what Albert Einstein said about change, that “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” I think the changes are always good. Even though change can be difficult, many times it’s also for the best. Accomplishing anything great in life requires us to make significant changes that push us beyond our comfort zones. I thing that this is an unique opportunity to shape your work regarding photography, so I encourage you to go on. 🙂

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