trees speaking


What a day!! It is raining since a couple of hours without interruption. I stay on the window, watching the drops of rain falling on the terrace. The fresh air and the smell of sultry clay comes up to me until my bones. I don´t know why, but I am smiling… I really don´t know why.

The city´s streets became deserted and the noise of the falling leaves accompanies my thoughts , to the deepness. I can have no secrets from these trees. They will discuss among themselves what they heard from me until the storm will cease, then the wind will blow, but will not have the strength to lead my thoughts to the other side of the world …. I’m tired and I feel cold. The water penetrates  my bones and I don´t feel anything but cold. The storm stopped for about ten minutes, just a few drops occasionally tries to show me something, or to scare me.

It´s getting late, I´ll head for home and I will wait. On the way back I am ashamed of the trees which can not talk to themselves anymore because I am there, but, when I am passing right through them, each one is asking me how I am, or where I go. The rain stopped so they get courage, I know very well that they are afraid of the storm, in most cases, in just five minutes of pouring rain and fierce winds, many of them remain without branches. Such a branch whispered to me that she has something for me… I leaned over her and I asked her several things. She knows, she knows everything… She knows something´s gonna change. But she was too exhausted to give me an answer. After several minutes of agony left me two tears in the palm of my hand, she shook her leaves and she died.


image: girl on the window- emotive portraits © Margo Wiessman 2011.

3 thoughts on “trees speaking

  1. The photo, your writing and the mood of the day (rainy here in HK) has put me in a mood. Not quite sure what it is, but “I am smiling… I really don´t know why.”

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