Throwback Thursday


I present you…. Auschwitz. I am not a caturday person yet I love cats. And I used to have a few. First of all it was Kravitz, then Stalinmeow, then Barýshnikov, and the last one was him. He died 2 years ago at the venerable age of 19. Why he had that name, maybe you will ask. Well, after he was born a few months after, several months, his head was small as a triangle and you could swear they had not eaten anything, so one day I told to myself, poor kitten looks like it comes from a concentration camp. And so and so I started to call him Auschwitz. It was a cat … what to say, the mobster of the Village, lol, lol. Very smart cat and very crafty, and shrewd and sharp and quick… I miss him a lot.

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