rainy day


It rains for several days… And I am in a Rainy Mood too. As usual I am thinking of creepy things.. pictures.. macabre stuff… I look out the window as the rain hits the glass and makes me feel like in a jail, some kind of place with no escape, it almost suffocates me . There’s no one on the street, only once in a while can be seen an umbrella.  I think about the half of me, the girl.. She loved rain. Everything about rain. The whispering hum as sheets of precipitation plummeted to the water-forsaken ground, the often unanticipated flashes of lightning or the rolls of ominous thunder. She loved it all. Those facts were what truly created, in her opinion, a perfect rainy atmosphere. Did it ever comes to you to watch how the rainndrops are leaking on the glass, like tiny rivers? Like they simply cannot think of anything better to do. There is a laziness about them, as if they can barely be bothered to conform to the will of gravity. And thinking about that I see myself floating in empty space as I defy gravity. You know, I always wondered why must carry with us this body full of flesh and other things. We could just be some bubbles floating through space… 

In the darkness of my room I hear a noise, like a bird has been hit by the window (or vice versa). The window has been broken and blood began to seep out mixing with rainwater. Buried in the blankets, I contemplate how the bird  is struggling and trying to move her wings. I could help I am thinking but I can’t seem to pull that out of me. And staring blankly, other thoughts come to my mind… I’d like to walk through the woods, to listen it groans because of so many stories.  To see the trees veiled in mist. To be wrapped in freezing fog like a blanket where the light barely manage to penetrate the haze…  I could write stories, my kind of stories… photographic stories.

Hm… this rain…

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