Checking Symptoms (✖╭╮✖)


sadness –  check ✓

melancholy, sorrowful and heavy-hearted feeling –  check ✓

misery-  check ✓

low energy –  check ✓

poor concentration –  check ✓

feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness –  check ✓

feelings of guilt –  check ✓

feeling empty –  check ✓

feeling anxious –  check ✓

having the feeling that I am surrounded by all the damn fucktards on the planet –  check ✓

I do not understand what the hell am I doing here –  check ✓

it seems I have a “wonderful” day…. I am sorry I dont think I am a good company today. I am sure I was born in the wrong era and Planet. 

6 thoughts on “Checking Symptoms (✖╭╮✖)

  1. Powerfully sad… The words, the photo, the feeling.
    The feeling of “born in the wrong era and Planet” can be frustrating – American Indians use to go out and walk, get lost (they called it a vision quest) to find the right place.
    Wishing you well Aniyu.

    1. you just made me think about a song of Quantic, life in the rain… “Sometimes I wonder if, if I know where I’m going
      I go for a walk like this
      And it seems I have been walking for years and years and years
      And I don’t know where I’m going
      I hear the sound leading me on
      And I don’t know where it is taking me…”

      1. Wow, I like this idea…listening to something no one else understand, and following it to wherever it takes you. Yes.
        I’m going to have to check this music out ~

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