not here


I guess all of you know what I mean….

I’m working on an image that is filling up all my mind, no matter what I want to do, I think only there. This image, in the end should fill you with emotions, so the only thing that I can do to finish it, is practically to fill it with all my emotions and everything I feel these days. Is a little bit (or more) disturbing to know that anyone can guess in a moment how you feel just by looking a picture. But in the end, is not what is all about? I mean, the writers they write because  nobody is listening anymore, right? So, the painters, photographers.. the images creators, I suppose they are trying to do the same. I cannot speak, I cannot tell what is in my head or heart, but I can show it. What I am trying to do by creating all these images it is practically a form of therapy. It is to demonstrate that the painfull emotions can be at the end a good thing.  You can call it some kinda art of feeling. What I feel is what you see. One you cannot simply cut off his ability to feel something. 

You are likely familiar with the stigma that artists are, tortured and depressed souls, right? Of course, this is not true for every artist, but nonetheless many musicians, writers, painters, and other types of artists have been known to draw their creative energy from deep within the murky waters of depression or other kind of shit like that. Depression evoke very strong emotions. So many years ago Ive decided to transform all those emotions in something. To create someting. And believe me, sharing your work helps you to feel better, for example less alone.

 But to come back to what I was talking in the beginning of this post. Actually I forgot. Oh, yes, I am not here.. or I am .. or I dunno… whateva’
ps: the image on this post it is not mine, I found it here . And the artist  it can be found here .
  and I forgot to tell that I’ve changed the “face” of my blog. To see the menu , there is a black spot with a + bellow

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