Blue evening


I’m pissed as hell, someone just considered that my work is not sufficiently complex. I need some time to calm down and take a decision. For now I leave you with this picture recently made and please if you fancy, feel free to comment and tell me what do you think about. Any comment is welcome (but do not forget, you make a constructive comment only if you did something constructive in your life). I thank you all for support and feedback as always.


Wishing you a great evening.



4 thoughts on “Blue evening

  1. You’re art work is beautiful. Bleh. Don’t listen. It feels like someone stabs you in the soul when a comment like that is made.

  2. Major criticism must com from yourself. Having confidence in your work is the key. Ignore destructive criticism. I like this photo, its colour and the composition.
    Thanks for visitng my site and keep your dreams alive! 🙂

  3. It does not matter how simple or complex your work could seem to other people, just be yourself.
    You are the only person who is fully aware of your most intimate and deepest feelings. Therefore nobody else on earth can communicate them better than you.

    By the way, I love your work, but my opinion and the opinions of others should not have an impact on the way to communicate and express thoughts and feelings.

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