hello again

 I know, I’m not too active lately. But that does not mean I do nothing. I’m doing something all the time, for example I will show one of the covers made by me lately. I love this image, makes me think about something almost dark, gloomy if you want.  The author is J Hirtle and the title of the book “It Takes a God
On the other hand, I decided to make a twitter account in order to advertise the covers waiting to be sold. And goes as @AnyCoverDesign. So feel free to follow me, I will follow back of course, but please follow only if you are interested in my work, or if you are an author or if you like art, fine art, photography and any other stuff like that. So, that means extra bit to work, if you think about it, “do it to yourself” publicity it takes some time, right? 🙂
Now, I’m going  to the reader to see what you’ve done lately. See ya.

One thought on “hello again

  1. “I know, I’m not too active lately. But that does not mean I do nothing.” ..Speaking to the choir. lol. I’m sure all of your lovely followers understand. ::smiles::

    Love this cover btw!

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