Book cover reveal

In the end I managed to finish the book cover of which I spoke to you last week and I finished another cover meantime. Is a book written by Valerie L. Ravenscroft, called  The Lighthouse Keeper.


I actually worked on the other two covers but I show it to you another day. Finally is Friday …

So, I thought it would be nice to talk a little about music. If you have an account on lastfm, do not hesitate to add me in your list. Would be nice to see your musical taste.

Well, I finally wish to each one of you a great and crazy weekend.



  • Listening to: minimal electronic music, maybe wakes me up once for all lol
  • Reading: things about the job I am doing in this stupid company
  • Watching: this monitor and waiting to get outa here at the end of the day
  • Playing: mouse & cat
  • Eating: not the time yet but some chicken with chili  later
  • Drinking: oh, I really need a glass of vodka with ice, but we are on friday , so later I might never know.. lol


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