Fancy ‘sinking a few’?

Searching the internet for an interesting bar where to go we found a place I could even say it is totally madness. It is called Submarine and it is really  submarine-themed  with control panels, periscopes, radars and torpedos and everything one might find in a real submarine. Includes two serving bars that have the shape of a submarine made of metal, an antiaircraft booth for the DJ desk, and mobile torpedoes moving on the ceiling. The atmosphere is really nice, good music and the bartenders very well educated and informed on beverages. It was a surprise to discover that one of them even knows lot about vodka. 😀 Oh, I forgot to say he was dressed as a submarine officer,(yet he lacked the helmet, lol ). The attention to detail is outstanding, the friendly staff makes you the submarine tour, and every corner is explained at length, just to make you partaker of the place .They even have a rum bar, the only one of its kind in Romania as I’ve been told .

I had no camera with me, but I found some pictures on the internet and I put them here to give you an idea about how it looks.

tumblr_nonc6m8kDx1s3hp12o4_1280 Submarine-Pub-Cluj-design-interior-industrial-steampunk-1 submarine_1 Industrial-steampunk-Submarine-themed-pub18__880 b60548f4f2f3f57e481d4df9b5720411

In the there is an article about them with more photos. So, my dear friends if you plan to visit Romania, in Cluj you will find this bar. (In Union Square (Piaţa Unirii), 2. )

I must admit that is one of the most interesting bars that I‘ve ever seen. Believe me, it’s a must go if you’re visiting Cluj, and I say this because Untold festival is approaching and in Cluj will come (like last year) people worldwide.

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