About 30% of the time, our thoughts fly elsewhere

Here is a list of some curiosities of psychology, believe it or not, that is so, I totally agree..

For example, eating chocolate releases the same chemicals in the body that is secreted when we are in love. So angry people eat chocolate (or other sweet things), I think makes them feel better. A brief hug, only 25 seconds, releases in the body chemicals that strengthen confidence in the person you take in your arms. When thinking in another language, people tend to be more logical. No blind person has ever been diagnosed with schizophrenia –  this makes me think a lot, but I suppose there is some logic here. The clearest memories we have are probably wrong (here you can see a logic explanation ). And I save the best for last lol, there is no truly multitasking. (according to neuroscience multitasking it is not possible. as far as I used to read, the brain processes things you need to pay attention to in a sequential order, you and every other so-called multitasker  are actually serial tasking.  Rather than engaging in simultaneous tasks, you are in fact  shifting from one task to another to another in rapid succession.  For example, you switch from your phone conversation to a document on your computer screen to an email and back again in the belief that you are doing them simultaneously. But you’re not.)


That being said, I wish you a wonderful week ahead…





copyright, Margó Wiessman, 2009 (I guess, not that sure if 2009 or 2010)

4 thoughts on “About 30% of the time, our thoughts fly elsewhere

    1. winter for me was never too cold, even if my memories are not so warm, I think it’s a matter of perception,
      a cultural thing, personality and how each sees the world. for me, there is no more beautiful thing on earth than winter.
      It makes me feel at home (and you know.. home is where your heart is)… dreaming about my Siberia. Thank you Virgilio. I love when I meet people who really looks at my blog, this phrase is a detail, but even if it is up on the main page I do not know who noticed it…

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