no man´s land


I do not know why the last few days seem so dark and sinister, does not rain, it is not cold but seems it is all gray and the people on the street seem so preoccupied and sad ….

So, I was thinking on my way home, I will post this picture, is exactly on tune with the atmosphere of the street. I do not have time to change size, so please do not copy nor to post elsewhere, remember that all my photos may be subject of book covers. thank you for this.

oh, I forgot, I told you yesterday that in this blog we can speak several languages, which I speak and understand quite well. I forgot to mention Romanian and Russian language (and here depends on what part of Russia are you and what dialect you talk, those in Moscow, for example, do not speak Russian same as those in Irkutsk, and those in Murmansk do not speak like those in Yakutia).  to not say that I am a sort of operational illiterate  (what means this? I understand but I can not speak- for reasons that I do not want to say now)

6 thoughts on “no man´s land

  1. I find this a very intrigues work . In fact I i would like to be on that place as kind of mixed feeling, though. Maybe for your book ,the birds are applicable and meaningful, but for me the flying one dominates the image. But that is only me, forget it .The path in this image , super.

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece! The Netherlands has been grey for the past weeks. With just a little rain every now and then. Doesn’t seem like winter, more like autumn.

    Kind regards,

  3. Very nice piece of work… I just arrived in Seattle where I’ll be for a couple months, and met with the grey, drizzle of rain and always the bleak period of the year here. Yet, within it there is a beauty as well.

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