toxic people


Well… My day started really well, I had a training where I studied a lil bit about new the Samsung NX300 camera (at first glance seems interesting, but I have to study more to tell you my opinion) and after another training a very funny one which made me even laugh. And I  was thinking, eh, this day will not be so bad, after all is Friday, tomorrow I will be able to sleep until what time I want (this , in case I will be able to sleep). I have split schedule, that means I am working 4 hours in the morning, after, I have 4 hours break (which is fine because I would not be able to stay 8 hours of  “continuous combustion“) and again 4 hours of work in the afternoon. exactly 5 minutes before leaving work, of course I found someone to ruin my day. and he did it by just a few words. after all there is nothing wrong with that, I came home, I relaxed a little bit and I’m like new. but I was thinking … there’s always someone to ruin your day. Never mind that doing this just with a look, or with a few words or with a inappropriate tone of voice. or perhaps with an bad attitude… I call these people, toxic people. they are everywhere among us, at work, on the street, on the bus, at the mall… and then, do not ask me why I do not like people, or why I like them less and less, or why I prefer to stay home. I wonder .. is it really that complicated to be friendly or kind or courteous??

As Israel More used to say (for those who perhaps dont know who is this guy: Israelmore is a Youth Leadership Coach from Aflao, Ghana ) they are 7 things negative(or toxic ) people will do to you: Demean your value; Destroy your image; Drive you crazily! Dispose your dreams! Discredit your imagination! Deframe your abilities and Disbelieve your opinions! Don t you think this guy is right?

Toxic people ruin your positive qualities with their chemical infested tongues. They drain your energy. It may be that they get you to spend a lot of time and emotional strength trying to deal with them.  In time I have realized that I am  more easily triggered than others.

The conclusion is this one: do you know someone toxic which is pissing you off? If you have an easy way to get this person entirely out of your life, you’ll be better off instantly. Of course, often it is not so easy, when the toxic person is a co-worker or family member or even a long-time friend. If it’s a co-worker, is there a good excuse like “I’m right under an air vent that’s chilling me” to get your desk moved?   If not, you need to train yourself to “tune out” when the energy-draining behavior starts. Lol.

What can I say? nothing better get ready to get out.

a quiet evening to you dear ones… or a noisy one if you like so 😛

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