exit wounds


is Friday, I should feel better, is coming weekend and for two days at least I will get rid of all the madness of the streets and job. but I do not know what will be on the weekend, and neither today which has just begun. I had a surprise last night when I got home, I found a lot of likes and comments from people that I do not know but they was more than kind to visit my blog and leave me a feedback. thank you very much to each one of you. So finally the super crazy yesterday  ended with smiles.

on the other hand, speaking about wounds, they are some of them, invisible ones, that can’t be stitched up no matter what you are doing and no matter what the people say… at the end, what doesn’t kill you will not makes you stronger(this is a stupid bullshit) but will fuck up you mentally. they are things that you cannot put out of your mind no matter how much time passed. they remain there, in your head and whatever you do they come back again and again and not let you to live.

oh, I am in late, I better go to get dressed… read you later. and, oh, yeah, have a great weekend everyone!

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