4 thoughts on “I’d love to try to tame you…

  1. Long ago, I stopped worrying that folks didn’t understand what I was trying to express with my paintings, my photos, or any of my creative projects (certainly they don’t get my work with sound!) – my original impulse is always somewhat obscured for I don’t want to be too explicit and just beat folks over the head with me, me, me –
    if I was overly worried about permanency I’d make marble sculptures not oil paintings on paper – so, if I am hung up on how someone interpreted an image, then perhaps I should just write essays –
    once I let go of it, I began to marvel at the amazing (and yes, sometimes absurd) reactions and comments that folks came up with – their individual responses and comments became quite important to me no matter how bizarre they might be –
    it is quite amazing what people see and how they respond even if I don’t understand how they came to think and feel that way – yes, it can still be a little frustrating but I still know what I feel and think – their interpretation is completely out of my control but I can be in total control of my own response to their interpretations…. maybe I don’t understand your intentions or your feelings but I dig your blog anyway!

    1. thank you for your comment… the idea was that people see me as “a visionary”… visionary means this:http://goo.gl/qCZOG3 which have NOTHING to do with my work.. so, when people see this instead of what I wanna show makes me think that… ok… it doesn’t matter anymore… thank you.

      1. Yikes! What that link shows as visionary (way too many examples of the corporate sanctioned commodity based bastardization of “art”) is an insult to those true visionaries out there – it creeps me out and saddens me (yet again) –
        so, no you’re definitely not “a visionary” – keep up the great work!

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