A cold wind was blowing from the north…

as I told you two days ago, I decided to take a break. some of you, you understand what it is about, some not… I need to reinvent myself,(this doesn’t means I will stop to take pictures.. haha, no way man, this is what I am.. I cannot do smth else and I do not want to do smth else. I just need a few time to realize what I want to say through my work) but even so, I still  have enough work and recent pictures, must be edited. and we have here an example


This is a portrait done almost 2 weeks ago. she is Martha, a friend that I really appreciate. It was a windy day, you know, that kind of day when your hair flies in all directions and stressing you badly, because you do not see almost nothing around you.

I was happy with the result, because it is not an ordinary portrait. and because of this, already I like it more. gives you the idea that it would be a portrait .. and nothing more. You have to read it well, to understand what it is all about… 🙂 I must tell you that, in fact, Martha is a beautiful woman, and this can be seen just by looking at her smile

anyway… I am still here… working.. thinking… searching.. discovering… and I still watch my reader 🙂 and I will still post old work from time to time…

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