about being a photographer

yesterday, something in particular caught my attention . an David Alan Harvey quote. I suppose most of you know who is this guy, so I have not to explain it. ok, so far so good, but.. what this quote is all about? as I always say that if you have an instagram account does not mean you’re a photographer… and I also said that technical details have nothing to do with the image itself, with what you feel when you take a picture, with what the people are feeling watching your image … I must admit that I agree with what he said:

“”You must have something to say. Nowadays when everyone can make technically perfect photographs with a cell phone, must be an AUTHOR. Many tell me that his motivation for being a photographer is travel the world and make a name. Such collateral damage or even disadvantages to being a photographer. No tangible ideas, thoughts, feelings, and something almost literary, photographer of today is lost in a sea of mediocrity. clearly Photography is a language . As with any other language, learn how to spell and grammar of the sentence is, of course, necessary. But more important is that photographers are artists emerging with a clear didactic word. You have to be a poet, not very technical writer. ”

I find myself in a confusing time, you know, the typical crisis of the artist. I have no idea what I’m doing and where I am going… Because of this, I decided to take a break and think more about how I want my art to look like, what kind of feelings I want to transmit through my art… and what type of people they look about my art… The idea is that I feel like in this time I have nothing to say. Is that moment when you must stop doing things, but you must think about what you wanna say…

I have to think quietly and reevaluate my ideas,  to clean my mind. This can take a lot of time or just a few days, who knows? I have no idea … the truth is that something needs to be  changed and yet I do not know what is that something… until I will figure that I hope you will  have a creative time  and many original ideas. I would love to one day to open the reader  and to see photos that leave me speechless… something like, wow, I’ve never seen such photos before! Until then, please try to be creative.

4 thoughts on “about being a photographer

  1. i think taking a break is not the solution, at least won’t be my solution. try to do as much as you can, try different things than before, photograph anything and everything, delete, admire, think, process, delete and so on until you’re happy. if you stop it will be hard to start. do the thinking but do it while you keep taking photos, it will be an easier journey.
    all the best!

  2. Been here, done this! Take a break, relax the mind, open up to new inspirations…

    Have a great weekend,

  3. Enjoy your break. I takes time to recharge your batteries and reinvent yourself. I will look foreword to seeing your work when your return.

  4. I had similar thoughts when I got back to shooting, this time digital, after years of treating it like a casual thing. I quickly forgot about such things and started shooting a lot, let the chips fall where they may. I think it’s worked out. I believe you can overthink this.

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