step out the cage


I’m everything you want me to be because I lost myself. I just want to be there when you wake up, to be the name you whisper at night when it hurts … when the chaotic dream it hurts the insane meaning of night …

In your soul is already autumn, I’m afraid to lift my eyes and look in yours that should be my mirror … I’m just an opaque shadow, of the ghost of yesterday, I ran to find my way on the opposite sense of my road. I’m naked on the inside, I feel raped by the eyes of thousands of things that I no longer understand… I feel as a strange compass indicating a pole that does not exist. I am my own nightmare locked in a cage without bars….

© Margò Wiessman

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5 thoughts on “step out the cage

      1. Indeed, names are just tags on empty boxes, nicknames are part of who we really are, I am pleased to meat you White Spark 🙂

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