To catch a feeling


I am tired my love, so tired…
Like a coat dress you take just once and after, you leave it in the closet and the moths they  find a shelter there…
There where you should have the chest, the neck, the shoulders…
And their wings are my fingers caressing you into your empty soul…
I am malformed, sad… I feel like I am reaching the eternal winter.
I am tired like my body after a nightmare,
a nightmare where your love (who used to be alive…) was like a field of poppies and every flower was surrounded by rolls of barbed wire…
And they was so many… I needed to give them away …
And your caresses was hurting me, I had no blood anymore… just red flowers all around…
I cried because I was concerned by too many things at once…
To catch a feeling… your heart…. your feet….

© Margò Wiessman.

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7 thoughts on “To catch a feeling

  1. Absolutely marvelous! Such beautiful words and photography. Thank you for following our site at “Redo You.”

    Take care and continued success,

      1. Hopefully we can share things from time to time here. I’ll be back to visit soon.


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