9 thoughts on “improving the silence

    1. of course… but you know why I like so much this picture? because you can see the message from the first moment. and this is what I am trying to do with my work. if my picture tells you nothing, means that I must consider to change my job lol.

      1. I could crop the wind turbine…and to me…the photography says even more…but that is little old me:) The clouds and light are truly sublime.

      2. 🙂 Of course it does…but me…I could do without the human and I believe there is more beauty without us…rare the exception we add…and how do you know the turbine is a he? hahahaha

      3. hahahahah you crack me up!! well, it is a she because the word end with “e” … hahahahahahahaha

        but you are right, the world it is awesome, too bad they are the people living there!

      4. haha…only the silly languages assign gender to “things”…makes absolutely no sense. I refer my argument to….

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