weekend nonsense

I am not a writer. This means that I have no idea what it means to write a story, or describe a situation.  But I must confess, since two days ago, one thing it is stressing me very bad. You know, like white paper syndrome. I reached a point where I have to describe two people swimming. And how the hell can I describe it, I haven’t swam at least once in my life. How you feel when you’re surrounded by water? In my point of view, you you want to describe very well a thing, all you must do is to put yourself in that situation (as much as possible) and see what it feels like. For example, to describe … let´s say, a person locked intro darkroom, person who tries to get out of there at all costs. What you do to describe what it feels in such a situation? Nothing easier! Turn yourself into a similar room and try to escape from there without key or other means. I think that this is the best thing you can do to describe the situation. Or.. am I wrong? That means I should throw myself into the ocean to feel what he feels the character in my story? Wow! No way man!! And, then, how I can describe what it feels when you’re surrounded by water …  So I’m in shit, I have no idea how to describe it. (BTW,this is another thing I cannot describe, as I was never in shit- literary speaking, hahahaha). And I am thinking about this since two days ago…

However…I am still thinking. LOL.

ps:  did ever happened to you to hear a song and, because of the song to start to move without any sense, no direction … like you have met the chaos and you try to get out? (sounds crazy, isn’t it?) There’s no problem, listen to this song and try to move as you mind. Nobody sees you, you can jump all you want. A form of therapy that works especially when someone…. but what am I saying? I am really out of order!  Better to listen the song…

I chose this song, cuz T.Yorke really feels that music. I love this song!! And the lyrics…. Enjoy!!! And enjoy also this weekend!!!! (here 30º already, the African wind ….)

14 thoughts on “weekend nonsense

  1. The dancing singer is floating on rhythm. His body moves in every direction and only restricted in his interpretations by gravity pushing him down. When swimming, the restrictions are exactly reversed as the salt water pushes up.

    Swimming is freedom from gravity. Hope that helps a little.

    1. sounds fair.. and that is why this song, because let me the feeling this man he´s someway somehow swimming, but with no water… but the only thing I can think about is that when you are swimming you feel less “dirty”…. I want to describe the “meeting” with the water, what you feel on your skin, what makes you to think… you are afraid or not.. you feel free or not…

      1. Warm water soothes skin and the cold invigorates. There is no ‘down side’.

        Water invigorates and calms, both in equal measure. It absolves sin, washing away guilt. You are lost in the moment, losing touch with past and future. There is no fear to a swimmer, as they know drowning is easily overcome with knowledge. Only those who cannot swim fear the water.

        However… there is always the dark unknown far beneath the surface where monsters may lurk. Gaping jaws, razor teeth, tentacle suckers and stinging jellyfish are always a troubling thought.

        Yet we continue to luxuriate in the salty warm currents, throwing caution to happenstance and leaving such worrying cares in our wake. We are the sea and the sea is us… it is our mother just as land is our father. To be complete, we choose to give of ourselves in both.

  2. Lol…dude can dance pretty well for a white guy. I like the lyrics too. Lmao…you are afraid of water and the ocean? Sorry, but I am a Pisces and can’t understand your fear. Swimming in the ocean brings me to life…whether it is the warm Caribbean or Mediterranean…or the bone chilling cold mighty Pacific. It feels wonderful White Spark…want me to take you swimming in the liquid snow ? 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. ahhhhh…lmao…ok….that is easy then…I can teach you…I am a dolphin and you can just ride on my back until you are comfortable to go off by yourself:)

    1. lmao…I can be an emperor penquin too…I have been all these things before…hahaha…don’t like dolphins…I don’t believe you =P…..hahaha

      1. Yep…those too…I can change into anything you want…lmao…but to teach you to swim…Orca or Dolphin the best…but a fat penguin will also do 🙂

  3. “night swimming” by r.e.m. might be another inspiration.
    half of me agrees with you: the best way is to put yourself in that situation. but then is another half. and the other half is saying: here comes the challenge, this is what separates the artistic genius from ordinary. actually you don’t have to be there in order to describe it. just use your imagination! it’s like this: bram stocker never stepped in transylvania but he described the place very well; buba watson never took a golfing lesson but he’s one of the top players; and so on. so just use your imagination, i know you have plenty. all the best!

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