But deep inside…

I seem to reborn in a new way, full of mysterious joy that insinuates in my  mortal body and allow me to look conscious  my inner mechanism, mechanism that connects me to new emotions. It’s my secret life, that I have not had the courage to display even in my face. The Spring is guilty? Or what should grow up inside me, came to the burgeoning? I found a new way of being, a new being is making its way towards myself. And I love the childlike appearance, which does not count the age, or the belief and what it meant until now life for me … And I decided in full agreement with myself to pass all the events and all the emotions through the filter of the heart. In my secret life, I’m the one who loves you. I am the one who is thinking about you right now. What was I before the “you and me”? What am I now?

in my secret life

Tonight I’ll sing you a song, this song… you must live it to understand it. The song should be heard by the end at the beginning, is a song about life, mystery … and water. This story is hidden deep in the ocean, between waves,  mermaids,  hidden love, pirate ships …. and blue. Just listen…


2 thoughts on “But deep inside…

  1. This piece and picture is a sure indication that Spring has sprung 🙂

    I love the close…”This story is hidden deep in the ocean, between waves, mermaids, hidden love, pirate ships …. and blue”

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