glancing through the pictures, I remembered that I have a collection of photos taken in Alsace, and I thought why not show you some. and because Alsace it is so colorful, I chose these ones because it reflects very well the beauty of this place.









Speaking about this I must tell you that one of the best wines I ever tasted was here, Pinot Noir. In Alsace, they speak Alsacian, a kind of German language. Alsace was part of the Holy Roman Empire and is still inhabited by people speaking a dialect of Upper German.Today, Alsace and Moselle are ruled by a special law for example for religions or social security system (the concordat, not the 1905 law).

and yes, aussi nous parlons français, il n’y a donc pas de problème. 🙂 Je vous souhaite un merveilleux week-end!!

6 thoughts on “alsace

  1. Looks like a little Utopia. Beautiful photgraphs Margo’. I recommend this movie if you have never seen it…Dreams by Akira Kurosawa

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