load your feelings

giving you my  heart

the eyes of the children. your heart. the face of a mother. the hands of the father. the soul of a city. be with you. time flies. looking beyond. rain. kisses. a touch. freedom. action. tolerance. words. sunset. wind. feelings. a look. attraction. emotions. affections. kindness. compassion. desire. self-emptying. involved. creative. understanding. together. essence. snow. sky. sea. blue. adulation. allegiance. amity. amorousness. amour. appreciation. ardency.ardor. attachment. cherishing. crush. delight. devotedness. devotion.  enchantment. enjoyment. fervor. fidelity. flame. fondness. friendship.hankering. involvement. like. lust.  partiality. passion. regard. relish. respect. sentiment. soft spot. taste.tenderness. weakness. cuddle. hold. hugs. romance. sweet. sympathy. seduce. jazz. lust. dew. night. moon. stars. winter. your voice. silence. heart. sleep together. roll in the hay. make love. adoring. warm. charming. soft. committed. precious. groove. green. nature. hand in hand. waves. evening. stars. boreal aurora. music. imagination. sadness. joy. patience. silence. confessions. hope. deep. wish. a kiss in the rain. dreams….. if you're hurting!

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