today I love this silence around me… that´s why,

I will not speak so much… but I will show you a few pictures which gives me the feeling of silence.




I have here so many pictures which inspire me some kind of silence…. perhaps I will post a few even tomorrow.. but for today that is all. thank you for your time to watch this.

pictures all rights reserved Margò Wiessman.

(1)danube delta in winter, (2)bruges, belgium, (3) emotive portraits- the girl and the life.

5 thoughts on “monday…

    1. to be honest , I don´t even remember who is the girl in this picture, so many years since I´ve taken this picture, but if I am thinking better might be my little sister. anyway I have no problem, because you recognize those feet. so if I want really to know who is in the picture I will ask you. 😛

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