Breaking molds…(photography with feelings)

I will show you something I like very much. The art of a girl of 14 years old. Andreea.


As I told already she is a model, but also a photographer, a special one. Very creative and innovative. She  is one of the most creative and imaginative people I know! There just are not enough words in the dictionary to adequately describe Andreea and her depth of talent. She is always making me crack up and she is very inspiring and she is incredibly beautiful in all ways! Working with her is an amazing experience. If you have an opportunity to work with her, do it! Do not look over her! I have worked with a few freelancers, and I cannot tell you what a breath of fresh air she is.






This is art with feelings, with love. And I have to confess I really like everything that she makes.
I am sure she will become a great artist. She still have to learn a lot of things, but I must tell you that all her pictures are taken with not so much knowledge regarding technical details or other stuff. Which is amazing because she is able to transform a simple image in a very nice piece of art. She is taking pictures with the heart. Therefore she is already see the things with no amateur eyes. Her compositions are just great. I have sometimes no words to express what I am feeling watching her art. But I must confess that I like a lot her ideas and vision. From the sense of fantasy and her instinct to try for doing something new and different, have made a work full of sensibility and ART. I know my tastes sometimes are strange but I like the innovation and a lot of people around the world have something to say and show!If you need an artist who can bring something completely unique and highly creative to the table, she is the one I would recommend. Her work speaks for itself. She is passionate enough to break new ground while at the same time practical enough to turn her ideas into reality.
Very talented and always willing to accept a challenge. Give her an idea(even that I dont think she need any, she have enough ideas and no time to develop them anyway) and she will make it so much better.
I feel privileged to have worked with her. She is a creative, professional and a great person to be around.





All her pictures reflect her sensitivity. Someway somehow she miss places where she never has been, places and people she wanna photograph.




” I very much believe in doing creative stuff everyday. For one, I take photos. Doesn’t matter the camera. Just taking photos keeps me in a creative headspace. Make it a habit not to judge yourself on your creative output. Sometimes your creativity is on fire. Great news. Other times, it’s not. It’s hard sometimes when you make art… When I’m starting to feel bored, I make a habit of getting into adventures. Break molds…  Doing what you love inspires you to be more creative.  Make time and space for having fun. Being creative means living a creative life.  Expect yourself to have one. Believe you are creative. Know that you are. Make that the most important habit of all.”

All photos on this post are copyrighted material and all rights are reserved Andreea Floreanu.  More of her work available on facebook (and on  behance but remember, she is just at the beginning.)


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