” life has a funny way of sneaking up on you”

Today I want to talk about people. People from the corner of the street. People we see every day and we go around thinking that we do not want to be in their place ever.


Mister X. His days are repeating with the same monotony as ours. Just that he finds himself on another bench, in front of another store, or another park, every day. Begging, trying every day to extract an ounce of mercy from the world who become absorbed by its problems and no one dont gives any damn shit anymore about nothing. ” begging is not what it was on time…” he says.” Before, people were more faithful, had more money and could afford to make those mercy act on the street. Nowadays, the lack of money makes us to feel no longer pity for others, but to complain about ourselves. He was professor of mathematics, people instinctively are reluctant, they feel fear of any disease, the fear of being robbed or simply display some kinda superiority. Children cry when they see him, the mothers are covering their eyes. Children need to see only the  pink side of  reality in which we live. There are those who throw money with an attitude as “I’m up here and you down there.” Then they make fun of him and act as Mister X it would be an unwashed buffoon , but not a human being.
Why I did to stop and photograph him?( a story which is part of the creepy stupidity of our world , actually I do not know how to call it.) anyway …
Almost drunk, on the corner of the street, trying to sing a song, to catch the passers attention, so anyone can feel pity and give him something.
A guy with a thick gold chain, taken out out at sight, and a belly that still shows a significant investment, in paradox with which symbolizes the chain, pull out a 5 euro bill. It stretches out to Mister X and shout (ensuring that everyone sees): “Look, I give you this money if you sing me a song super cool now. Come to show to the people what real music means.” The man was no longer into the skin because of happiness and “generosity”(which was  coming out of every pore). He snapped his fingers and dance to the song that was struggling to come out of the mouth of mystery x. Our homeless did not sketch any gesture. No grimace, nothing. Was imun.5 euro and no bit of joy on his face.
Later tells me that this winter died at least 10 of his friends from the street …I do not know whose fault is that he ended the street or what happened. I am ashamed to ask. But I´ve noticed that it’s actually super clever and I think he is telling the truth that once was a teacher.
I do not know who is to blame in reality. But I know these people,( if we let go the appearance), have extremely interesting life stories, they experience the same emotions, feelings, have souls, like us, (us, who judge them the from our warm houses). Some had weak personalities and they are suffering because they have been able to live in the most pathetic situations. Everyone has a story behind. Some of them they still hope for a change, for the better life. Others have resigned. Expecting death. Others live from one day to another and are happy with a piece of bread, with a mouthful of vodka to keep them warm or a cigarette stump.
When we see a beggar on the corner, can we  past over  the visual and wonder .. What is the story of this person? What lies beneath this face full of dirt? Who was this man?


(copyright Margò Wiessman)

2 thoughts on “” life has a funny way of sneaking up on you”

  1. I think about this often too. And from what I have seen and experienced in short life, I believe we are all just a few steps away from being in such a state…and then we can see how ugly the human race can be…when it is cold and hungry and resources are scarce.

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