playin´ the photographer

sometimes I like to go on the street to photograph people with different moods or to catch emotions.. or… simply to watch these people… it is really interesting to see how many emotions can hide the face of someone…and I will show you a few examples. (I must admit that I have a preference also for creepy things and places….)


this man was sitting in the front of a show-case full of very nice toys. homeless… I guess it is useless to explain more.


in this image I love the contrast between the old woman and the lingerie publicity above. I´ve named this “café de Paris“. this is not in Paris btw…


this girl here was crying, she was on the other sidewalk than me, people was passing here and there but nobody was asking why she is crying there, it seems that just the “people” inside the showcase was paying attention on her…


this lady here she was selling flowers near a very nice art gallery… you must see the difference between her and the people who visit that art gallery in that day..


this man was sitting on the street very dirty and dizzy but, he was wearing an Armani suit … makes me wonder what it was wrong… dressed as a rich person but very dirty…


teenagers resting in the sun (Arlon, Belgium)


I love this picture… this boy was sitting on a space where it was forbidden to stay with the dogs.


pigeons … for this subject I need another post, I have a few pictures with pigeons taken in the last years in different cities of Europe.


street artists.. I love these people… so creative but with no chance to affirm themselves… too bad, too bad!!


girls playing on a artesian fountain…


people taking pictures … Belgium(everybody ask me if this picture was taken in Holland)


art street in Belgium, young artist who have not so much possibilities to exhibit in an art gallery, they print theirs work and put it on the walls on the street, like this everybody can see it. very creative idea, 5 stars.


street singers… I must tell that they was singing a very nice music…


and the last one for today… this is one of my favorite pictures taken on the street, I was just in the right place and on the right moment… those birds flying there, they made the picture…

and so on… too much pictures and not so much time and space to show all of them, but in time I will try.

I must thank to all of you who visit my blog even that I am not here and even that I have no time to check other blogs. I appreciate a lot. I promise to visit all of you (your blogs) as soon as I have time.

thank you again for your time, like, comments…

(All photos on this post are copyrighted material  and all rights are reserved Margò Wiessman, 2008-2012)

19 thoughts on “playin´ the photographer

  1. It takes courage to photograph people, it is almost an invasion of privacy – but your pictures tell stories and seem to bring your subjects closer to the blog visitors. We must never forget that these are people and not objects.

    1. indeed you are right! and I don´t like to broke the privacy of people, I am trying to take the picture in such a way that nobody would be disturbed… all I am trying to do is to tell a story about one moment…

  2. I love the cobblestones in Europe…the cities have so much damn charm…compared to the modern cold concrete and steel. Nice photographs Margo’

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