there is a difference

Did you ever thought that a winter day with snow is more beautiful than a torrid summer? Well, I do. And I want to explain why, because I see you look at me like a madman. How can  someone love the cold but not the warm? Yes, because you only stop to these differences. Hot, cold. Life, death. Love, hate.You can not see beyond the ugly-pretty cold, as you can not understand why you like the beautiful-ugly hot. You do not even know which is the point … I know .. don´t stop me. I lose myself in introductions, and-then I will not be able to cover in too little time the interesting point. Well that’s why I try to enlighten you … Because you, you’ve lost entries in surfaces. You do not know how to get to the content. Or  you don´t want. Blessed are the poor in spirit. Yes, in their stupidity they are happy, because they do not even know what is that state. This is not even  happiness, but a complacent. A thanks to stupidity or mental unconsciousness that spreads very fast in their ancestral gene. Look at you!


You look at me and you think I am definitely crazy but you dont understand. Not knowing what is truth, which is truth, why should that definition, simple in fact, to hide so many ways. Why there must be meaning  for hot or for  cold? You live a life and you dont get anything. At least there is a consolation. But me, my “nothing” have a meaning. I learned to understand and read behind a word.


Summer day. Unbearable heat. Sweat and pestilential odors. Cars filled with people who have not  learned yet what means the water blessing. Garbage on the streets. Dogs looking in garbage after one last piece of food. They are helped by homeless, living in a state of gratitude, because drugs. Their last hope. Terraces full of other people who drink their short satisfaction or their long sorrow . Lovers strolling through the park, swearing eternal love. And the list goes on …


You still do not have it?! And I thought that twinkle in your eyes bring the intelligence. Imagine a winter day. Snow covers everything. All our sins are covered. Which does not mean they are not there. Spring, the transition time for the summer. In order to feel dirty at any moment, when we  sweat, when we see the trash thrown by us on the streets, the dogs, the personification of human mentality they scratch in the garbage  from our lives. For every man next to you, there is a paparazzi. It’s cold, and we try to put an extra coat on us, in this way we may feel warm. Why? Because we are not responsible for our actions, we hide behind a piece of cloth. And we feel fear, we are running away from things we didn’t want or we didn’t had the strength to admit so far.



Affidavits of love in summer… I would love just in the winter time, because the cold outside warm me in my soul. The love is the only one who should makes you to feel warm. I thought I said I do not like the warm, right?! Well at the beginning I was speaking about the  tempered one. Why on the summer time do not exist  vows of true love? Heat makes you stupid. Hits you upside the head, while in winter, only heat your  heart. Only then you truly realize this feeling.


I did not included everything I wanted to say about the differences between a winter day and a summer … I’m tired .. But you must know that there is a difference, in your way of perception…

(all images are copyright Margò Wiessman 2008-2013 )

3 thoughts on “there is a difference

  1. Blessed are the poor in spirit…so sad…but true…and oh how easy it is to sway the poor in spirit in what ever direction you want for what ever reason…like training dogs…only difference is…most dogs have alignment with their own spirit. These are strong words White Spark…and I look forward to more. The pictures are of course wonderful…and that last one is remarkable…how you have used the mirror to capture the sunlight yet have the feeling of shade outside the mirror…really takes an eye to see this one.

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