Since ever (IV)

She is so beautiful! As I remember her from the beginning. Like a siren

You are not dreaming”… you told to yourself. This is real! Is your reality, your reason to be.

She is watching you. With small steps coming to you, telling nothing, just an innocent smile.

Breaking the Goddamned Rules....

Such a peaceful feeling to have her in your arms, to have her arms around you.

“I was waiting for you”, she said. You told nothing. You knew she love your silence…

Nevertheless, you wanted to say something… “I was so afraid…”

“You know me better than that”, she said touching your lips with one finger. She was right, you knew her since ever… since ever.

Your head was suddenly invaded by many thoughts… memories, memories from the future, thousand of questions. You wanted to take her in your arms, to feel her entirely, to kiss her face; every inch of her body… like tomorrow might not come. However, you knew you have all the time in the world to do this. Time… hmm. Time does not exist!


Sitting there you heard a tiny voice and raising your eyes to see… Your heart started to run like crazy… Behind a little sand dune, a little boy with big brown eyes ….

“Mom, when it will be the time?”… “I’ve finished the castle…”

Watching the little boy, you saw yourself in the very past. You almost forgot that time… So weird… Paralyzed you have no words. A sparkling tear fall down on her white face. She smiled and trembling she took your hand she has guided you to the little boy and she told, “Now it is the time, my love…”

Your heart was running out from your chest and in that very moment, you knew… And you felt again the feeling of loving her since ever… Overwhelmed…

Yes… It was like this since ever…

All mornings with coffee flavor… all evenings… the same ocean and the same love… like a slave song… the same green eyes (one could dive into them) and the smell of the shells on the wet sand. And you were feeling like no one feel and you was seeing what no one see. You were with her …

You knew this is the beginning of your “since ever love”…


… We have been chosen … For an eternity and a few seconds in plus.


(Daft punk- something about us –play )

You Know, when you love someone for real, the ocean is just a drop of water…


4 thoughts on “Since ever (IV)

  1. Eternal love…there is enough of a poet in me to believe…I am sure the whole world and universe would appear different under such a fortunate union. Siren…fear…slave…passion…reckless abandon…magic…Love…this is what we all long for…but only a few may experience. Four beautiful movement White Spark…it speaks to all.

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