Since ever (III)


Oh, the rain, this cold rain of late fall, you feel it on your skin, on your bones, makes you to be melancholic… sweet misery. You look at your shoes and you realize they have tongues, the tongues have words and the words are walking with no shoes…

 Please speak to me about your silence… I know you seek for me in every piece of air from your miserable existence…

In addition, you are wondering “why”…

 The rain has stopped; it was a short one, as a morning dream, which usually we forget it in a second. You know you must abandon yourself to me.

… This music, it is like music about silence. It is the music of the ocean he is playing my tears. You want to swallow them to keep me in your entire being.

 Do not tell anything! You know, your charm was since ever your silence…


A shell in the sand. Glittering. You take it in your hand and now you feel me more than ever.

I was able finally to reach up to you. What a relief! You realize that your memories are our realities. You know where I am now…

Feeling a sad happiness, you know you will take me in your universe and we will swim in the absolute forever. There is something about us and there is a secret we share since ever.


… Another beach, the same ocean. On your knees, the ocean embraces you with a silent wave “she’s there!”  He had whispered…

In your blindness, you watch forward at the horizon, a white silhouette speaking with the waves. You start to run. “I was waiting this moment since ever”.

Feeling like having no knees anymore you walk in the virtue of inertia.

She is there, so beautiful, a white transparent dress is playing with the wind. The view of her long black hair and the white skin make your heart to beat too fast…

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