Since ever (II)


The ocean started to be angry. He is always doing this when the things are not so well. He is telling me I must be careful, a change is going to come.

I am silent. The time is passing away…


Suddenly I realize you are on the other side… Now I can feel you and I close my eyes to see you. Your sadness…  This hurts me so much and I cannot help. You are there alone preparing yourself to quit, feeling tired and helpless.

 No, please, stay with me! I am here… I feel you, hear you…Oh, if you could hear my silence just for one second…

 I have decided to let you some kind of note and I started running without controlling my feet.  I was feeling free… so free. Something like I am in no time, no space.

The ocean was feeling my emptiness – no worries, no fear… just love, love for you, love for us.

I have taken a shell and I have put it in a wave. I knew our postal worker will deliver this in the right time, and again no worries… just waiting. I was wondering how it could be to feel me, to feel like me, to feel the feeling of being me, of loving you…


I know you are there, I must be patient. You will wait for me and guide me in the world with no time but space, infinite space…

So every day was the same… the ocean was with me every second.

Oh, the water is so cold!

I know you will feel cold too, trying to keep me in your loneliness. You will feel like fire and ice in the same time. My love is burning you…

You say nothing… Suddenly you know I am closer and closer.  Walking on your side of the beach, you feel the frozen water. The empty space in your heart will be very soon full of icy sorrow. You know my touch could burn you like snow. And you realize I am there.

This rain… and the night in your heart make you to feel me like a snowstorm. You step on the sand of time feeling as if you are melting away in the same moment as our love. You are just sitting there remembering that you remember nothing.  Falling on your knees, you hear the dead shells how they are screaming and you want to replace that sound with the silence instead…

 Are you crying?

No, I want to see if the ocean has the same taste as my tears…

2 thoughts on “Since ever (II)

  1. I am moved by this piece. I know this is your fourth or fifth language…yet it has more depth and feeling and beauty than most pieces I read from native english (or American…ha ha) writers. I am not just saying this…it takes me back to the heights of reading works by the Ancient Greeks…mythology…describing love through nature…rather than simply through human to human terms. Fortunate is the man…to receive such words and artistic expressions.

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