Since ever (I)


Just give me a reason, some kind of sign

I need a miracle to help me this time…

Even the stars are brighter tonight…

                               Nothing’s impossible.

(Martin L. Gore)



(Bliss- wish you were there play)

…everything the same since ever…

All mornings… all evenings, the same ocean but not the same waves. Moreover, me, all the time there, where the water embrace the sand, looking, hearing, feeling… speaking with you.

DSC_0141-Edit (2)


I do not even know if you was enough awake to feel me, but I was there.

The sun used to rise each morning caressing my face, and me, I was closing my eyes to feel the freshly breeze of the wind … Why I always thinking it was you?

Every evening, the sky was melting with the waves and a very tiny yellow line was following the silent ocean, I was still there and someway somehow, you were with me.

I used to stay with you like this every morning and the cup of coffee in my hands was all the time for you. Walking in the wet sand, I was feeling your freshness like a gentle touch of your fingers on my feet – I used to love this.

Oh, what a nice shell, she still seems so very alive, I know you have sent me this to let me know about you.


This is it! I know you are there, the ocean it is our postman. He is taking care to deliver every thought, every sign, every breath, every feeling, to you. Quiet letters. You feel me, you know I am there calling you in my mind. You know I long for you and you are thinking how to make this to become true…

This little shell smells as you, a young spirit in a very old universe. I feel you tired… (For a moment, I was so scared!) Do not give up! I am here waiting…

You will find your way toward me, just do not give up! I feel your breath, your whispers, your thoughts…

Nothing… Everything.


The evening is here and the sun will go “to swim” like always. For some reason the sadness, surround me. I cannot feel you anymore but I know you are there. Maybe is because of the sun or because of the night…Maybe you search for me in another world… I must give you a clue.


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