frozen details

.. yeah… I am not so in the mood to speak… I am thinking about my stuffs… that is why today I will post a few details of winter… nothing new under the sun… I am the same.. with the same love for winter and frozen feelings…



beside this, is not necessary to speak in order to tell something…  these pictures are enough to makes you to understand…



people use to say “I love winter”.. but … I must tell you that in fact they love to watch it from the window… when it is about cold and other things like this , winter it is not so nice anymore for them…. who do you think would stay to photograph details about winter? nobody.. or maybe yes, a few people who really love this and they are like me, fascinated about…



… sigh…


what a nice sunrise… you know, I was thinking about my winter… I am living a permanent northern state of mind… that is the explanation … therefore why to have snow in my head 24 hours in a day? sounds funny…

but… ohh… shut up for a second!! .. listen… can you imagine the sound of the deep winter ?.. that wind blowing …. (I didn’t say that was there a few wolfs in the forest 😀  )



ps: you will never see more huge and beautiful snowflakes as are in Northern Russia! The snowy countryside is enchanting!… Or… You shoud visit to Siberia where it is way below -40 ºF every winter, lol… Now, that is something to experience!


5 thoughts on “frozen details

  1. ha ha…the cold wind wakes us up…to being alive…the silence of a heavy snow makes us listen…the bone chilling cold makes us appreciate the warm body of another…a fire…food and drink…the important things

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