winter as a state of mind

Of course it is so! I have no winter here but I can imagine…


For example, look what have I found here:  “The new High Frequency 2 features a 3D style equalizer icy display”… it is not  animated  but is displaying uses cool matrix style of the winter lights. A very theatrical way to show the  winter weather…loooooool.. I know,  my imagination it’s seems sometimes without limits, it may be that you will see nothing interesting in this picture but for me was really interesting and impressive how so much ice can stay on a piece of tree just like this…. I was joking, but indeed imagining things it is one of my power points.


I’ve remembered in the winter when I made the snow pictures I’ve told to myself I will keep some of them to post them in the middle of summer, just because it’s about me…just because otherwise I would not be me…just to remember to myself that in this world at one point there’s smth magic.. the winter…


I just love the way the snow  sparkle in the sun light, everything is crispy and fresh, even the air smells different in the winter. I love the winter with her crystal blue…out into the cold, even the sun don’t dare to warm, and that breeze, the cold north wind…the gray sky…I just so love her… I love cold quiet nights in the moonlight and the wind come to tell me stories about the far-away land of eternal snow…oh, this frosty air touching my face so gently…you can bask in your solitude into the cold…is almost like a brutal beauty..she can be quiet and wild in the same time… I love the smell of the cold…cold.


I miss to feel “at home”.. it sound strange, I know.



sigh, yeah… one more picture and I will publish this post about .. nothing but the winter.


wishing you a very nice and dreamy day today…

9 thoughts on “winter as a state of mind

  1. “a brutal beauty..she can be quiet and wild in the same time”…yes…she can love you to death…the detail is remarkable…amazed that these delicate buds or berries can survive…what an eye you have…thanks for sharing more of your beautiful winter pictures with us…why don’t more people comment on these works??? I am tired of hearing my own voice…lol

    1. 1.the life is much more powerful than we think it is… and the winter can be delicate too… could be an explanation for these berries 🙂
      2.people do not comment because they own a blog to get more likes and that is all, most of them , they come in our blogs, give a like just because they hope will be a fair play and we will like also their post, not because they wanna tell something, they wanna show something, no way… they are some kind of pseudo-writers and that is all…. this is sad… and in this case you might speak alone a little bit more, :)) but, this will help you to hear your thoughts better. me in your place I would even speak out loud!!(it is something that you have done all your life but you did not realized. it provides emotional and psychological relief) 🙂

      1. lol…yes…I see you point…ha ha…you are correct

        Yes…I look at writing as a means to speak out loud…as you say…there are only a few people that I care to speak out loud with my voice…and to listen to their voice…preferably at dinner with lots of good red wine…and energetic conversations and laughter…otherwise…I prefer to be quiet…listen…and observe

      2. silence it is a very good answer sometimes… to be quiet it is wise… even this need empathy. if one is able to connect with the others around with not so much effort than it is very nice.
        “Listen” means more than you may think, not everybody has listening and speaking skills. (Hearing just means listening enough to catch what the speaker is saying, the next part of listening happens when you take what you have heard and understand it in your own way)
        Thoughts move about four times as fast as speech.Listening means also be able to think about what you are hearing, really understand it, and give feedback indeed… and if the Mr Red Wine is there too, this will be just perfect :))

      3. ha ha…yes…I often listen to what someone says…and then start thinking about what they said…meanwhile they are still talking…and moved on to other subjects….but I am not listening…for I am still thinking what they said before…lol

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