La Famara

Well, what are you thinking meanwhile you watch this picture?


or this one….


Do you have “by mistake” a feeling of silence? Or peace.. or… a feeling of eternity maybe? What exactly is this feeling of eternity or timelessness? I don’t get how it’s possible. It’s like I am experiencing eternity, but am I not a temporal creature? Well, eternity is silent, eternity won’t pop up claim to be true, it doesn’t need to. Eternity is space, it is everywhere and makes everything possible. The temporary creature lives in space, and will dissolve(die) into space. Space is eternity, and is synonymous with emptiness, timelessness, limitless, beingness…

The idea was that me, when I saw this place first time I had in my mind the feeling of eternity, of silence… something with no limit, a place in this immense space we are living… Like in the “world number 4″… which contains stones, wind, metals and water. (this is another story I will tell you about another time a very interesting subject for me)

But now let me tell you where is this place. This is “La Famara” beach, in Lanzarote. This is a beach of 4000 m of brown, fine sand situated at the foot of the crags of Famara.(on the northwest coast of the island)… very photographic and breath taking in appearance.


People consider it one of the best beaches in Canary Islands. I understand this… 🙂 I love this place!! Have indeed something magic. Beside the fact that makes you to feel so small.. wow… You have an idea of immensity just watching the mountains around. This beach is backed by dramatic pinkish cliffs. I like this. I love to stay there to watch the waves and to hear the ocean.. Magnificent…


With what seems like an endless beach, steep cliffs rising straight out of the ocean and stunning views out to the Isle of La Graciosa. Famara is more than just a paradise for the surfers who flock here every year. The small fishing village of Caleta de Famara has achieved worldwide reknown as a surfers paradise.(Caleta literally meaning small port) Surfing, windsurfing or kiteboarding – professionals often train here. Book lessons in one of the surf schools in the village. The cliffs are popular with hang-gliders too.

Famara seems to bear the brunt of the tradewinds sweeping in from the Atlantic and the fact that the Risco — cliffs — rise straight up from the depths of the ocean to the highest point on the island mean that it always seems to be damp.There is nothing right on the beach, (thing I like very much(here it is forbidden to build something on the beach, these people really respect this environment!!)  but there are several bars and restaurants in the nearby village of La Caleta de Famara. El Risco serves fantastic fish, rice dishes and Canarian specialties.


The cliffs, stand like sentinels protecting it from the rest of the island… The strong currents mean that it is not advisable to swim in the sea at Famara — most people you find in the water are experienced surfers — these currents also explain the unusual phenomena that the beach is sandy in summer and rocky in the winter.If you go in the late evening , you will be blessed with some fantastic sunsets, as the sun slowly sinks into the Atlantic.


… although it is a mecca for lovers of the extreme sport of kitesurfing… not the best for sunworshippers, the beaches at Famara certainly make for a great walk, it is true to say that the scenery is simply some of the best on the island.

If you really are hooked on soaking up the sun, Famara is probably not the best place to sunbathe for most of the year. However, in mid-summer, when the wind drops and the temperatures rise you might be forgiven for thinking that I’m not quite telling the truth.The relatively quiet beaches and gentle, cooling breeze make this an ideal place to be.To the West of the village, there is a small lagoon with an even smaller beach; which always seems to be free of wind and much more appealing than a crowded swimming pool. The water is so much safer than at the main beach.


Here are no hotels on this part of the coast, the nearest would be the sports resort of La Santa, so your choice of places to stay is limited to the bungalows in the Urbanisation or apartments in La Caleta itself. Some of the bungalows are quite luxurious but it is fair to say that you will generally get a simpler standard of accommodation in Famara, than at other places on the island. If you’re thinking of joining one of the surf, or other sports, schools, they will be able to help you organise a place to stay. It does not have fancy sun-beds or umbrellas. It is a beautiful beach which is unspoiled by shops.

In summary, Famara is definitely not for everyone, but if you would rather invigorate your senses with some fantastic scenery and a chilled out atmosphere. If you have come for the day then don’t go home till you’ve seen the sun go down. I’ve done it and its absolutely wonderful, especially when the sky changes colour through purple, yellow, reds… Getting there: from the LZ-30, the road through the centre of the island, turn off onto either the LZ-401 or the LZ-402, which both lead to Famara. For those who wanna go to surf here are the forecast including consistency and wind distribution.

Truly spectacular views and sea!!


And so, watching these pictures I am wondering again…What am I? Why I feel sometimes so small? Because I am really small.. I am just another creature made by stars like everyone else… The nitrogen in my DNA, the calcium in my teeth, the iron in my blood, the carbon in my apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. “We are made of starstuff.”(as Carl Sagan used to tell)

Copyright Margó Wiessman

20 thoughts on “La Famara

  1. wow…those cliffs remind me of a caldera…are you sure this isn’t Atlantis 🙂

    The first photo really gives the scale with the little two-legged creatures walking on the beach…ha ha…and the moisture rising is sublime…imagine that was taken in the morning. Surfing is attractive…and that last picture makes me want to be that guy…exercise and being in the ocean at such a remote and unspoiled place of beauty…but the sharks!!!

    I too contemplate eternity at such places of impressive natural beauty…the ocean…the mountains…or the clouds…and then I observe the general momentum of humanity…and scratch my head…and ask…why? We could make our world so much more freer and beautiful…

    1. hahaha you makes me laugh… I was telling all the time…the Mother Earth she is so beautiful, too bad is full of people. Indeed we could make our world more beautiful.. but instead of this, we have ruined everything… damn capitalism!! (or maybe it is just my feeling, I am not that smart .. :\ ) Capitalism makes people greedy… The world has been ruined by people abusing the positive sides of money (and capitalism). WE are the ones ruining the world, not the matters we use to do so. Just like religion is not the cause of certain wars etc., like some people believe in. No, the people abusing the term religion in order to make wars are the causes. In the end, it always comes back to the human, and the rest are all a bunch of excuses. The reason why most people are stuck in the consumption/debt treadmill is because they are educated to think that way (I’m not using the word “brainwashed”, but the effect is the same). They allow themselves to be inundated by the message that more material possesions make you happy (which is a basic human instinct that naturally motivates).. The biggest “ruining factor” in the world, I guess, is the fact that most people don’t think for themselves, allow people in power to do their thinking for them… -mass intellectual laziness that results in the few thinkers turning that laziness into an opportunity… or.. something like this…
      On the other hand even religion has ruined the world…
      Oh, this subject it is too tough for these days… sorry… Anyway I hope you understood what I wanted to say here…

      1. I understand what you are saying white spark…they ring like my own thoughts. You give me much comfort…that I am not alone in thinking such thoughts. You aren’t “smart”…you are intelligent…an observer…and that shows in your written word…even if the written word isn’t your first language…and I am not talking about english…I am talking about your eyes and beautiful brain…communicated through your photographs. I too am attracted to photography…the silence and the image…so much more powerful than words or a voice…words require definitions…definitions that are composed of words that themselves require definitions…but a picture…is…another language…as is music…and music…I often think…is of the highest order of communication. I hear certain pieces from Beethoven…or Mozart…or Bach….or some less known composer…and I realize…this individual is communicating as a higher level…

        Have you ever listened to Beethoven’s ninth symphony second movement? Or Beethoven’s seventh symphony second movement? Very different pieces…but they are so magical. I recently posted some music…the post is the Snowman…listen to the first piece…if you can listen to it with your slow internet…make sure you have some wine or something before and are relaxed…lol

      2. 🙂 indeed I am an observer as you said… and a picture is another language… well, photography is a state of mind…. the truth is indeed that I see everything around me in photographs … and sometimes like colorblind… even that some artists I know they used to tell me that life is in colors.. I consider that life is as you see it, with your perceptions , your personality and so on…
        I know your recent posts… but, I cannot listen to a video, unless if I want to wait some kinda 30 minutes to load it.. lol lol but I know what are you speaking about.. my head is full of music lol… but I will be sure to pure myself a glass of wine and I will try to listen the music in your post..
        and, thank you for your comments!! too kind… 🙂

      3. I am partially color blind….so when I was photographing seriously it was only black and white….which I find very effective for grand subjects

  2. White Spark…I am not being kind when I comment on your posts…I am very impressed with your work and your mind. I admire you…you have the courage to pursue photography and the life-style…something I failed to do at a crucial point…so you are a source of inspiration to me of sorts. I am fortunate that we have developed a dialogue…I am the fortunate one and you are kind.

      1. I will take you up on that…would rather use your photographs when appropriate than Google Images…lol…when I do use them…just let me know what you want stated about copy rights and so on.

        I have a question for you. As you know…I like Ansel Adams…read much that he wrote…and when I was photographing…I used a 4×5 camera with heavy metal tripod…to be honest…the images are wonderful…but it is a pain in the ass to carry around…and I don’t particularly enjoy the darkroom and chemicals. But…I am thinking of selling this camera and getting something more mobile and perhaps go to digital…but….I feel like this is a sell out…and a trade-off in regards to quality….especially since I am mainly interested in black and white landscapes/skyscapes….what are your thoughts on this matter?

      2. there is nothing I want , just to mention the copyrights. the question is that we might manage a way to send you the pictures you want(btw, I dunno if you saw my pictures so far)(they are 2 or 3 links here somewhere with a few pictures, therefore in facebook I have more but… I dunno if you have a fb account, like this you can saw more of them than just a few here)
        4×5 camera?? ohhh… super cool!!! wow… my first one was a zenit on film of course, I love it, I still have it and still working lol…
        the tripod it is the extension of the photographer… but me, to be honest I am not using all the time. but indeed it is a must.
        keep this camera to use it at home and buy a digital one to be able to carry with you everywhere, a mirrorless one (that is the future in photography, the mirrorless cameras) it is little and very efficient. your camera, I would not sell it .. I would keep it there… after a while this will value a lot.
        dont sell it(if you want my advice), but buy a digital one and use it.
        and if you want a good place to search for one.. there is a site with very nice reviews about everything regarding photography
        me now I am with nikon, I just cant wait to get rid of this! lol.. I want a fuji mirrorless.. the best camera so far in my point of view.

      3. lol…you are funny…you know…I just got this camera back….from Florida….the last woman I loved….sent it back to me….but…..she didn’t send the heavy metal tripod……..LMAO……what the fuck am I do with an Arca Swiss 4X5 without a heavy metal tripod…..LMFAO…women!!!!

      4. yes…I don’t have a Facebook account…but I have looked at some of your portfolios that have links on your page…I will spend some time looking through more of them over the next few days…it will be a pleasure. Those space pictures were very nice on Pininterest…or whatever that is called…

  3. That is a good thing….you know what else is funny….all my best pictures….framed and unframed….are with her….fuck….I have nothing to show for years of hard work….you….of all people….should get a good laugh….from this…..ha ha ha…….but not worried….if I live for another twenty years……..the pictures and words….will be far….far….beyond the shit I took before…..ha ha ha,,,,hello White Spark….Black Spark…..

      1. You silly woman…intelligent artistic woman….it would have been so much easier…if you had said….dude….dump that archaic 4X5 black Arca Swiss and heavy metal tripod….shit….and get hip with digital….thanks White Spark…I really appreciate you wise advice….lmao

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