Sigh… I don´t wanna watch internet, news, tv… or something similar in these days… People get crazy speaking about some kinda end of world.. I was thinking, those who think the world will going to end on 21 Dec can leave their valuables to me  today. Hahahahaha…

Ok, Ok, I am laughing here alone, but in fact I wanted to speak about something else.. I know we are in winter but I dunno why I woke up today with the idea of summer rain.. I love the sound of the rain and the smell of everything around me after the rain… Yet I was living in a place where it is raining way too much and my idea about rain has changed a lot in those times… Now I am fine but I am still afraid when the rain is coming… I am afraid it will rain some kinda 3 weeks in a row or something like this..


Rain is amazing, I love the feeling of rain falling on my face on a cloudy day. I love sitting inside, watching the rain trickle down my window, as I listen to my favorite music.

And the sound it makes… I love watching raindrops falling down. I also love umbrellas, they can be so colorful and beautiful. Or just standing in the rain when everybody’s hiding from it…


There is something romantic in the rain that I can not explain with words, I guess this something that all of us-the rain lovers got in our souls…


It’s the most beautiful natural sound. It catches breath. It’s so calming – I can sit and listen for hours. And the smell – it’s something surreal.
It’s hard to explain, but there’s something special in it… And if I am thinking how everything looks after the rain.. the flowers, the sky…

I love how powerful a thunderstorm can be…


Do you agree that The Rain makes everything better? I remember time ago my grand father he asked me if I feel the rain or I just get wet.. Hm, very interesting question..

Well… I like to think that I feel the drops on my skin, they are like smooth kisses… (what happens with me today? hahaha, I am kinda melancholic ..)

Speaking about rain, the pictures you saw are taken after the rain, a little dandelion on my yard… But if someone miss the rain , you can listen it here for hours.

And that it is all for today… btw yesterday they was 26ºC and no one seems to care about nothing but the sun. I was on the beach too… watching the sky near Africa, a long orange line on the horizon… dust from the desert…. no rain at all… 🙂


6 thoughts on “drops…

      1. ha ha ha…I can be mean too…lol…nah…I like what you photograph and the quality…there is much substance behind your images…and words…plus you like Ansel Adams

      2. the idea is exactly this one! if my picture dont tells you a story means that I have taken it in vain…
        haha Ansel.. yeah… I like this guy… I really like him…

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