La Garita


I’d like to say I’m a fairly openminded person, but, like most people, I do have some pretty strong views about specific topics and find it hard to sway from those opinions — no matter how others might try to persuade me. Of course, I fully believe that having strong beliefs can be a wonderful thing and I believe we should all stay true to what we believe in, but having strong beliefs doesn’t have to mean having a closed mind. For example, I don´t think I understand why a lots of people go to spend the winter holidays on a beach with more than 22º when the winter it is so very beautiful. I mean how to have a Christmas without snow?  Anyway…

I was wondering this just because since 2 or 3 days ago people started to come more and more each day on the beach. Of course they are tourists coming to spend the winter holidays here. I am watching from my window they are even more than yesterday and it is just 11 o´clock… the day it is long.. hahaha.

So, we are speaking here about “La Garita” beach in Arrieta,(Arrieta, a small pretty traditional fishing village on the north east coast of Lanzarote. Arrieta is slightly off the beaten track accessed from the LZ-1 coastal road and so retains its local charms. There is a pier which is very popular with locals for swimming & fishing.) Lanzarote. La Garita is the municipal beach in Arrieta; 810 m. long by 5 m. wide, fine golden sand with calm waters despite the constant wind.
Being situated in a semi-urban area, it has a boardwalk and services such as restaurants( two tapas bars on the beach), refreshment stands, telephones, parking area, washrooms and even a children’s play area. Accessible by guagua (bus).


La Garita is the islands best kept secret! This beach is great for all occasions, it has a good swell for surfers, great snorkeling under the jetty, fishing off the pier. Overnight camping not permitted but tolerated on the furthest section of the beach. Families or those who prefer to have a few more facilities on hand should head for Playa Garita at Arrieta.


While swimming and playing in the sea is great fun, you should also be aware of the dangers and act responsibly and look for the Flag warnings.

Red Flag
Dangerous conditions, do not enter the water.

Yellow Flag
Dangerous Conditions, exercise caution.

Green Flag
Safe for swimmimg.


Canary Islands, just 70 miles from the north-west African coastline. This means the climate is very similar to that of northern Africa – dry and warm.

In fact, Lanzarote is considerably drier than all the other Canary Island (with the exception of Fuerteventura).  There is a number of reasons for this:

  1. Given Lanzarote’s close proximity to the North African mainland, any wind blowing from this direction results in dry, sunny  weather conditions similar to those experienced on the African mainland.
  2. There’s a cool ocean current known as the Canary Current that flows southward passed Lanzarote’s eastern coastline.  This current minimises the occurrence of frequent high daytime temperatures during the summer months by modifying the vertical temperature structure as wind blows over this current from North Africa.
  3. The Canary current flows in the same direction as the persistent north-easterly trade winds and together these help to lower the chance of significant cloud rain events.
  4. There’s a distinct lack of mountainous terrain combined low vegetation.  As such, there’s a much lower chance that weather systems can interact with the topography and lead to prolonged periods of wet weather.

Even during winter (December to February), the daytime temperatures may only drop down to 20°C for at least one week throughout the month of January. For most of winter, most days will experience maximum temperatures rising to between 21-23°C. Arrieta’s climate is dry enough that lava and other materials from early volcanic eruptions have been quite well preserved, even though most of the eruptions occurred many centuries ago. (The last known eruption was in 1824). This results in some surprising and bizarre landscapes: ancient lava floes next to sandy beaches, for example. This phenomenon is called “hydro-volcanism,” and the best example occurs at a point called Los Hervideros, on the southern coast of Lanzarote. Here, the ocean waves can reach all the way to the adjacent lava beds.

Playa de la Garita presents favorable conditions for the practice of Surf, is therefore one of the beaches preferred by those who practise the sport.

So, to conclude La Garita Beach in  Lanzarote- general informations:

–  Length: 810 m.
–  Average Width: 5 m.
–  Net occupancy rate: Medium
–  Degree of urbanization: Semi-urban
–  Composition: Sand
–  Color of sand: Gold
–  Grain of Sand: Fine
–  Bath Conditions: Windy, Calm Water
–  Composition: Sand
–  Color of sand: White
–  Grain of sand: Fine
–  Bathing Conditions: Calm water

Other services:

–   Bus
–   Parking
–   Lodging
–   Seasonal kiosks
–   Restaurants
–   Showers
–   Dressing rooms
–   Cleaning
–   Telephones
–   Promenade
–   Cleaning of beaches
–   Garbage cans

Well, I think it is a nice beach and a quiet place. Me, I like. I highly recommend the fish restaurant called Chiringo beach a chilled out bar/restaurant with music. (cafe- restaurant with a  great views of the sea). Worth a visit !!

2 thoughts on “La Garita

  1. Nice sea/skyscapes…love the clouds…wonder if you took these during the same day…if so…there were quite some changes in the cloud patterns. Your funny about your longing for snow while you are on a beautiful island…you guys should get a cheap little christmas tree for your room or hotel or whatever…when I was a little kid we had a christmas at Cayman Islands…it was strange but the little tree helped 🙂

    1. :)) well, the pictures was not taken in the same day, but I can tell you that here the weather change just like this.. it is strange indeed… yesterday they was 26ºC… and no cloud on the sky, in the evening the sky was full of clouds and I was quite freezing.. they was just 16ºC..
      as for the Christmas tree… really, I found this so strange… beside this I have noticed that just the ppl from outside island(german, english) speak about Christmas, canarian ppl they seems to not care so much about this …

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